One of Croatia's most beautiful cities.

Region History

The first residents of the Kvarner were Liburni, who established here their influence and trade relations, and big mark was also left from the Greek sailors and Romans. The Croats settled the Kvarner region in 7th century, as evidenced by one of the oldest monuments of Croatia, Baska Panel, found on the island od Krk, built arround year 1100th. The islands of Krk, Cres, Losinj and Rab are very rich in valuable cultural and historical heritage. Many of these places have been classified as cultural monuments.

Vinodol area owned the fortified cities: Trsat, Grobnik, Bakar, Novi Vinodolski, in possession of a powerful family – Frankopans, who then ruled the principality Vinodol, Krk and the area, building castles and fortresses throughout Kvarner and mountains. Most of the Kvarner’s coastal towns were made so the aristocrat guests can enjoy them so these destinations are connected with one of the first tourist ventures. Elegant villas and parks of Crikvenica, Lovran, Ika, Icici and Opatija, famous as a beauty of Croatian Adriatic coast, with a165 years old toutristic tradition, were visited by the emperors and kings in the ancient time.

The old preserved highland houses built from stone and wood are examples of Gorski Kotar’s architecture. Many of famous artists, painters, poets, novelists, composers, investigaors, are from the Kvarner region. The tradition of folk music, dance, instruments is cherished for centuries, passed through generations and enriches the coast and the highland. The tradition lives among the people of this region, inspires them and feeds their soul. Become a part of the tradition and the culture of this area.

For a more extended history visit: Opatija.net and Historica.com

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